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Cyber Sport

What is Cyber Sport?

Cyber Sport is an interactive team game for up to 10 players that combines elements of hockey, lacrosse and basketball. Players ride in custom made Cyber Cars and attempt to score points on the opposing team's goal with the Cyber Ball using special scoops. During play, players pass the ball while driving their Cyber Cars to maneuver past the other team.

The computer tracks your scores and prints out your personal game statistics at the end of the game.

Cyber Sport is played in half-hour sessions. Each session consists of three consecutive games. You can join a Cyber Sport game with other players or bring your own group of 10 players for an exclusive session.

You can book a birthday party at Cyber Sport, too. Cyber Sport parties include exclusive use of the Cyber Sport arena for 30-minutes for your birthday party. Cyber Sport can also be added to any Laser Tag or Racing birthday party.

Full Court Rental:

30 Min Exclusive
Court Rental
1 Hour Exclusive
Court Rental
$100 $150


Now you can rent your own private party room and exclusive Cyber Sport court for one hour or more. Call us to find out how!

Players 42 Inches & Taller Can Enjoy Laser Tag
Players 54 Inches & Taller Can Enjoy Cyber Sport
Players 56 Inches & Taller Can Enjoy Go-Kart Racing

Check out the Cyber Sport Briefing Video!

Want to Build a Cyber Sport Facility of Your Own?

The LASERTRON Interactive Entertainment Center is a test location for Cyber Sport Manufacturing, LLC, the creator of the Cyber Sport game platform. Reserve your city or region today for Cyber Sport. The following locations have already been reserved:

- Buffalo, New York
- Orlando, Florida
- Rochester, New York

To find out more about opportunities in your area, please contact Jim Kessler at (407) 905-2843.