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Where Adults Go To Play With Friends and Family

It is our privilege to serve your entertainment needs. We are fully committed to providing you with the very best interactive entertainment and guest experiences.

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Want to Build an Entertainment Center Like LASERTRON?

If you are looking to open a laser tag or Cyber Sport attraction or to upgrade to a LASERTRON game system, please review our manufacturing web site.

Our Facility

Located in the Amherst suburb of Buffalo, New York, LASERTRON Interactive Entertainment Center is comprised of our giant multi-level Laser Tag arena, Cyber Sport, 27-hole Mini-Golf Course, the LASERTRON Racing Experience (adult-sized Go-Karts), large party area, private party room, full bar, arcade, snack bar and catering services.

Our Laser Tag Arena was completely remodeled and we introduced our newest Laser Tag system, the LASERTRON LT-12, in 2012. The arena is a giant 9,200 square foot multi-level laser tag experience. Our Laser Tag Arena is one of largest in the world. Up to 46 laser tag players can play simultaneously.

Our giant laser tag arena plays like a competitive team sport and is very fast paced. The arena has four scoring zones for both the red and green teams. Players in our standard game receive 60 Laser Pulses and 20 Energy Units. Offensive and defensive strategies are required for effective team play. Special CHIPS "Competitive Human Interactive Player Software" is used to maximize team strategies.

Want to learn more about the LASERTRON LT-12 Game System? Find out now about our LT-12 equipment and CHIPs Modes.

Cyber Sport is played on custom cars and combines the thrills of lacrosse, hockey and basketball into a fast-paced game that's exciting for everybody. Two teams of up to five players each compete to score goals in the Cyber Court. Your Cyber Car is a custom designed, joystick driven bumper car. More information about Cyber Sport can be found here: Cyber Sport.

The LASERTRON Racing Experience features state-of-the-art, electric go-karts on our large slick track. With variable speed levels and our unique “Speed Boost” feature, the excitement never stops. More information about the LASERTRON Racing Experience can be found here: LASERTRON Racing Experience

Our 27-Hole Mini-Golf is the newest attraction at LASERTRON Interactive Entertainment Center. Comprised of three 9-Hole Courses you can stroll through the elegantly landscaped Garden Course. Next, try your hand at our picturesque Island Course. Finally, experience the statuesque centerpiece that is our Cave Course. More information on our Mini-Golf can be found here: Mini-Golf.

Our entertainment center caters to all kinds of organizations and events such as; Corporate Groups, Community Organizations, Sports Teams, Youth Groups, Religious Organizations, Schools, Family Reunions, and more.

LASERTRON also specializes in parties for all ages. LASERTRON is the number one birthday destination for fun seekers ages 7 to 77. We have held many 40th and 50th birthday parties and surprise birthday parties over the years. You or your loved one could be next!

LASERTRON always suggests calling ahead to make reservations for any size group. Our reservation system allows us to book your events far in advance or for the same day. Reservations help us ensure your enjoyment by providing you with a guaranteed time slot to have fun.

Simply call us at (716) 833-8766 to make your reservation today.

Directions to LASERTRON are here: Map & Directions.

From all of us at LASERTRON, we thank you for the opportunity to serve your entertainment needs.

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